Tenant Fees

The price shown against each listing represents the rental amount per calendar month. Other fees will apply and these are as follows;

Tenancy Application Fee: £130 inc VAT per applicant. 

This fee is non-refundable and is your contribution as the tenant towards the set up of the tenancy, including marketing, referencing and administration costs. This fee is payable when you submit your online application form. Once received we will being to process your application and if you decide to withdraw from the application process you will forfeit your fee. If for any reason the property becomes unavailable – we will return your application fee in full.

Guarantor Application Fee: £66 inc VAT 

If a guarantor is required for your tenancy we charge this fee to cover the referencing and administration costs. this fee is non-refundable.

Tenancy Renewal Fee: £66 inc VAT for each renewal/amendment of your contract.

This fee covers the renewal or amendment of any fixed term tenancy agreement.

End of Tenancy Check-Out Fee: a single payment of £180 inc VAT. 

This end-of tenancy fee covers the check out process and the costs involved with administering the change over between tenancies. It is payable at the end of your tenancy as a one off payment.

Rent Arrears Letter: £30 inc VAT for each letter.

If your rent is over 14 days late, we will write you a formal letter requesting payment and for this there is a charge as outlined above.

Visit to the property: £90 inc VAT for each visit.

If we need to visit the property due to rent arrears, for example if you have not paid your rent and have not responded to our letters, we will charge the fee above.

Holding Deposit: variable

Whilst not a ‘fee’ as such, when we offer you tenancy of a property it is likely that we will request a holding deposit. This deposit exists to secure your property until the agreed tenancy commencement date and it acts as security for the landlord. Therefore, if you subsequently decide to withdraw from the agreement to rent the property for any reason, you will forfeit the holding deposit. Once your tenancy begins, the holding deposit is used towards your first months rent so you only pay the difference. If for any reason the property becomes un-available, the deposit will be refunded to you.